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Periodic Tables

Los Alamos

Molecular Constants (Line Frequencies, etc.)

JPL--Molecular Spectroscopy Home Page
HITRAN infrared lines
GEISA databank
Crovisier's summary on molecular constants
Splatalogue: tool to search line frequencies and intensities in a number of databases (incl. JPL, CDMS, Lovas, etc.)
Chemical Portal
Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database (LAMBDA). For rate coefficients etc.
Online Access to Line Databases and Calculation of Spectra. (also for earth atmospheric modeling)

Molecules in Space

Detected interstellar molecules
Detected infrared ice absorption features

Laboratory Simulations of Interstellar Ices

Sackler Laboratory for Astrophysics, Leiden (contains experiments by Ehrenfreund et al. [apolar ices database,H2O/CO2/CH3OH experiments], Schutte et al. [UV experiments], Fraser et al. [layered versus mixed ices], Oberg et al. [H2O/CO2 experiments], Bisschop et al. [HCOOH])
Database of ices and optical constants, Catania, Italy (CO, CO2, CH4)
NASA/Ames database of ices and optical constants
Jena's exhaustive compilation of references to laboratory ice and organics spectra.

PAH Spectra

Laboratory and Theoretical PAH Spectra Database and Modeling Tools (NASA Ames)

Ice and Dust Grain Scattering Calculations

Library of scattering codes

Line Modeling and Radiative Transfer Codes

LIME (3D) and LIME User Forum
CASSIS Line Identification and Modelling Software (LTE, local NLTE-actually RADEX)
Planetary Spectrum Generator (synthesizes spectra of Solar System bodies and exoplanets)

Astrochemistry Groups

T.J. Millar's homepage
Blake Group (MAPS) (passwd protected)
IAU Commission 34 (Astrochemistry working group)
European Task Force Laboratory Astrophysics
...and their mailing list (JISCMAIL is site with mailing lists for UK science)

Astrobiology Organizations

NASA's Astrobiology Page
International Astrobiology Newsletter

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